THREE'S A PARTY by Justin Santory

Directed by Alejandra Luna

This is Mesa Community College's next main production. Three's a Party is a product of The Juntos Project which is a yearlong collaboration between Mesa Community College and Teatro Bravo. The purpose of the Juntos Project is to cultivate a meaningful year-long partnership in a true celebration of Latinx voices and theatre. This is a new work which means we will be working side by side with the Playwright throughout the whole process. The current plan is to begin rehearsals in a virtual setting, while eventually moving into MCC’s facilities following COVID-19 Safety Regulations. This show is intended to be performed as a live theatre performance, but will be recorded and streamed for audience consumption.

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Three's a Party is the three-way intersection of love, sex, and friendship for Marcos, Cris, Samuel, and Mateo. Missed connections, blind dates, (very) drunken nights, and heartbreak are afoot for them. When lines are crossed in an open relationship, Marcos and Cris's friendship is tested and a new bond may either be formed or broken.


Send a 1-minute video monologue to or by Friday MARCH 19th


We will send follow up email to all submissions with an allotted time on either

MARCH 30th or 31st with assigned sides.


MARCOS. 30, gay, Latinx, Male Identifying, works at a high school, sort of aimless. Sarcastic, witty, emotional. Takes care of others.

CRIS. 30, gay, Latinx, Male Identifying, a good time. A drinker. Loves his friends, loves his man, cannot process this love.

SAMUEL. 34, gay, Latinx, Male Identifying, a stable calming presence. Cris’s boyfriend. Flirtatious, smart, but illogical.

MATEO. 30, gay, Latinx, Male Identifying, sweet and a little ditzy. New to New York from Florida. Bougie in small amounts.

BARTENDER/EMIL. MAY be double cast with actors playing Samuel and Mateo. If

not double cast, characters can be any race. Identifying.

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