Travelling from town to town in search for a place of peace and performance, The Bravo Players are a motley crew of theatre performers just trying to make a living as artists in Arizona. Lead by their egotistical show owner, El Chavo, The Bravo Players are set out to bring to you, the audience, the greatest show in Arizona, one play at a time.


The Carpa Plays is a step into our historical past and honors a style of performance that continues to speak to audiences in Arizona today. Filled with comedy, song and dance, The Carpa Plays are sure to be a treat for audiences of all ages.


These are sneak preview performances happening at two locations:


July 11th

The Phoenix Center for the Arts


1202 N. 3rd St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


July 18th

Theater Works


with a workshop to follow.

8355 W. Peoria Ave.

Peoria, AZ 85345


RSVP is required for workshop. For more information contact Ricky Araiza at 602-402-9954.

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