At the three-way intersection of love, sex, and friendship stand Marcos, Cris, Samuel, and Mateo. Missed connections, blind dates, (very) drunken nights, and heartbreak are afoot for them. When lines are crossed in an open relationship, Marcos and Cris's friendship is tested and a new bond may either be formed or broken.

This season Mesa Community College Theatre and Film Arts Department and Teatro Bravo spent the academic year developing a meaningful partnership in a true celebration of Latinx voices and theatre called The Juntos Project. Over the course of the year, the Juntos team read dozens of plays by new Latinx playwrights, had round table conversations on producing classical works during a pandemic, and hosted workshops in playwriting, mask making, and theatrical intimacy.  It all culminated in the world premiere of the new play Three’s a Party,  

We are very excited to bring you this production, Three’s A Party opens virtually and will be available for streaming at anytime on July 9 - July 17, 2021. It is FREE and open to the public.

If you would like to donate, every cent will go to supporting the Theatre and Film Arts department’s student opportunities, scholarships and Teatro Bravo’s New Play Development program. 

With a donation of money, you can be directly responsible for cultivating new and innovative storytellers in our community!


Directed by  

Alejandra Luna 


Written By 

Justin Santory 


Cris- Omar Aguilar

Marcos-  Anthony Martinez

Samuel- Huberto Paz

Emil/Bartender- Sean Ryan McBride 

Mateo- Hamblet Lemus

Executive Producers 

Adriana Diaz 

Ricky Araiza

Susanna Velarde Covarrubias

Alejandra Luna 

Intimacy Coordinator

 Rachel Finley


Director of Photography

Tyler Foree

Scenic Design

 Abby Lopez


Lighting Design 

Anthony Januzzi 

Assistant Lighting Designer

 Olivia Hardgrove


Sound Design

 Natalie Páyan


Props and Set Dressing

 Lee Wright


Costume Design

 Helena Balderrama 


Hair and Make-up Design 

 Anne Marmolejo


Production Dramaturg

 Hamza Said 


New Play Development Dramaturg

 Ryan Oliveira


Stage Manager

Megan Loponen


Associate Stage Manager

Michelle Elias


Assistant Stage Manager

Aydin Hopkins

Camera Operators

Amanda Crandall

Nick Magel

Angelica McGrew


COVID Captain

Mackenzie Miller


Deck Crew

Ryan Hartnett


Light Board Operator

Krystalynn Newbury


Sound Board Operator

Josh Hontz


Wardrobe Supervisor 

Victoria Widener


Design/Tech Faculty 

Kara Thomson

 Chris Nueymyer

 Adriana Diaz

 Michelle Elias 


Director of Performing Arts Facilities

and Production Manager

Chris Tubilewicz

Costume Shop Manager

 Adriana Diaz

Costume Shop Foreman 

Victoria Widener 


Technical Director

Benton Guy



Lux Ullrich 

Skelly Sager 

Alex Chavez

Floyd Walston


Scenic Charge

Shannon Isaackson


Lighting and Sound Supervisor

 Josh Hontz

Art/Character Graphics

Rodolfo Marron III

*This production was filmed following CDC guidelines. All Actors were vaccinated to be able to be without masks while on stage.